Services Continued

  • Partial Payments - $40.00

Acceptance and accounting for partial payments as required by law and distribution to HOA.

  • Payment Plan Default Letter - $70.00
  • Verification of Account - $100.00

Prepare response to debtor dispute claims as required by the Federal Fair Debt Collections Act.

  • Personal Check Payment - No Charge

Verification of clearance prior to distribution.

  • Escrow Demand - $100.00
  • Settlement Offer Fee - No Charge

Preparation of debtor's offer to settle to the board of directors.

  • File Management Fee - No Charge
  • Status Reports - No Charge
  • Additional services to be provided by an attorney - $350.00 per hour

Plus any filing fees, recording fees, title fees, trustee's sale guarantee (title report), postage, messenger fees, process service, publication fees, auction fees, and any other necessary expenses or costs.